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                    Welcome to the website of Canton Hyland Hardware Co.,Ltd , The main business of Canton Hyland Hardware Co.,Ltd is:Door Locks;Door handle;Door viewer;Door stopper;Panic exit device;Welcome all customers to inquire!

                    Canton Hyland Hardware Co.,Ltd


                    About Us

                    Canton Hyland Hardware Co.,Ltd was established in 1998.Located in zhongshan ,Guangdong ,We have 13 year's manufacturing experience and series of sophisticated equipment ,We specilize in producing a wide range of door locks and building hardware products ,covering cylindrical locks ,tubular locks ,deadlocks .lock case ,profile cylinders ,door handles, rim night latches and accessories for building hardware such as door stopper ,door guarders,door handles ,and residential hinges .
                    We have 300 skilled employees and working on the engineer,technology & quality control to guarrantee the good quality and punctual delivery ,we also have technicians developing updated products according to the different markets,providing economic and high competive price ,our products meet ANSI grade 3 and we are the experts on the master key and construction key system,we have been obtained ISO 9001 certificated since 2002.
                    We sincerely welcome you to visit us for more information(OEM welcome).

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                    • Door Locks;Door handle;Door viewer;Door stopper;Panic exit device
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